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Project Specificity and Planning:
Please be advised that McKean's Excavating & Barging tailors each service and project plan to the unique needs and conditions of the individual project site. As such, the strategies, plans, and outcomes discussed on this website are illustrative of potential services and should not be interpreted as a guarantee for all project scenarios. Each project engagement will commence with a thorough consultation and a planning process, ensuring that solutions are customized to meet the specific requirements and circumstances of each client and site.

Variability of Techniques and Outcomes:
While we strive for excellence and precision in all our services, McKean's Excavating & Barging acknowledges that excavation and construction activities are subject to numerous variables that can affect the execution and final outcome. Techniques described on this website represent typical approaches based on past projects and may not always apply identically in every situation due to differences in site conditions, material behavior, weather, and other unforeseen factors.

Professional Commitment:
Our commitment to providing high-quality and compliant services remains steadfast. In instances where adaptations are necessary, our team will implement modifications to techniques and plans in real-time, maintaining compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and best practices. We are dedicated to communicating any changes and expectations clearly and professionally with our clients as they arise.

Liability Limitation:
McKean's Excavating & Barging is not liable for any discrepancies between projected and actual outcomes as discussed or illustrated on this website. We pledge to employ our skills and resources responsibly to achieve the agreed-upon objectives within the parameters of professional standards and environmental stewardship.

Consultation Encouraged:
Clients are encouraged to engage with our team directly to discuss their specific project needs and to obtain detailed, project-specific advisories and plans. This personalized consultation ensures that all parties have a clear understanding of the approach, potential challenges, and solutions tailored to the specific requirements of the project.

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